Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are in the spotlight quite a bit these days. Wedding photographers use drones to capture unique and physically impossible images of the newlyweds. There is the aerial surveying use of drones to collect data for agricultural and mines. Drones are used in the film industry for aerial videography. Even the real estate industry used drones to gather beautiful overhead images of high end real estate for sales demonstrations. Drones are even used in search and rescue missions. Yet the fastest growing segment of drone sales is for recreational use. Yes-many hobbyist are putting down their RC helicopters and moving up into the world of drone flying. In fact some guys like to use drones to show off their manliness, others just use them for fun.

If you are looking to jump into this new pastime, one of the best places to buy a drone is online, where you can compare models, features and prices.

First you should consider what exactly you will want to do with your drone. Do you want to capture breathtaking videos to post on Youtube or Vimeo, or scope out the neighborhood, or just something to fly around in the basement. Either way, you want to purchase a drone that is reliable and can survive a fall or two So while the prices for a drone range anywhere from $400 to $3000, you may want to veer away from one that is at the bottom of the food chain.

When shopping online for a drone, first do some research to find out which drones capture the best footage for the price. Next you need to understand which models handle easily, because not all drones are easy to fly. You might want to invest a little more for a drone equipped with built in flight controller software, which makes flying the aircraft more nimble. By searching online, you can usually find information from other drones users concerning the fly-ability of different models. For a beginner, a ready-to-fly (RTF) drone requires little assembly, unlike others that require partial assembly or the purchase of a separate controller.

There are many places to buy a drone online, with a vast array of models and prices. They would carry the accessories needed like controllers and chargers. The best thing is to be a part of the online drone community where you can learn the lingo and which manufacturers and models are out-performing others. You can start your online buying at places like DJI, HobbyKing or Amazon. Happy Flying!

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